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SDVN ("Stockholm by day Vilnius by night") is a community of creators. The community's mission is to help creative people to connect with each other, collaborate and grow.

There are two main hubs, one in Vilnius, Lithuania and the other in Stockholm, Sweden. The community is run by a small team of creators and volunteers inspired by Sofar Sounds. We differentiate ourselves by being more open to other disciplines beyond songwriters. Our community includes photographers, painters, poets, and creators of all artistic forms. We welcome a variety of creators of different niches and skill sets, facilitating the live production of their work at no cost to them.

Our events bring life to diverse venues - from cozy bars to homely spaces, each setting offering a unique experience while also promoting local businesses. Our model supports artists through community contributions instead of fixed entrance fees, generating a sustainable ecosystem where talent is valued and celebrated.

If you follow us on instagram you can check updates of our events and artists calls.

During the events we provide a QR code with and SEK payment links for the "PAY WHAT YOU WANT" entrance fee.