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The booking

Our aim is to deliver captivating and surprising experiences for the audience, while simultaneously new and exciting opportunities for the artists.

We are constantly on the lookout for talent of all type and leves to feature at our events. If you're keen on performing, drop us a message with your details and we'll respond to you at the earliest opportunity.

The day of the event

If you are a band (or solo musician) you will have between 20-35 minutes to perform. Our team will be on hand to help you set up and sound check.

For other artists, the slot can be longer or shorter, depending on the needs.

We will set an agenda for everyone to know when they are expected to arrive to the venue, where they are going to perform and when. But artists won't be disclosed until the day of the event. We want people to experience new things without any preconceptions.

If the venue allows it, we will try to close the night with a jam session, where all the artists can join and play together.

After the show

We do not intend to charge an entrance fee. Throughout the event, there will be available ways of donating to the artists.

We will be splitting the earnings between the artists of that date, we (the organisers) and the venue don't take part in the earnings, but we will prioritize covering costs that artists may have had to incur.