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Tell us about your place

Artists and audience experience is just part of the equation. We want to promote local businesses and venues that are willing to host our events.

This is a non-profit initiative, so we don't charge any fees to the guests, and we try to support artists through donations.

We are not looking to rent places, but instead be hosted by locations that want to bring a unique experience to their usual visitors but also attract new people .

The day of the event

We will arrive two or three hours before the start of the event as we want to set up the space and do a sound check. We try to book artists according to the venue, so we will try to find a good match for your place.

If the venue allows it, we will try to close the night with a jam session, where all the artists can join and play together. So it is recommended to think also how you, the venue or brand, can be part of the experience before hand.